Parks to Visit in Leeds whilst you’re at University

Whilst Leeds University is great in itself, you need to take advantage of the city itself. Leeds is a working class city with a ton of different activities and places that you can visit that you can take advantage of while you’re in the city itself.

A vibrant city with a friendly atmosphere, Leeds is somewhere you can always find something to do (which isn’t the case for some other Northern cities!). So, lets take a look at some of the things that you can do whilst you’re at the University of Leeds.

Roundhay Park


In the summer, you’ll want to take advantage of Roundhay Park. It’s the biggest park in the city by some distance, and in the summer months you’ll find it filled with students and residents of the city who go there to take a break. There’s a playground there if you have kids or young relatives, and if you want to invite the grandparents up then there’s a great landscaped garden that you can walk through. Whilst not technically a walk, Roundhay Park is a must visit when you’re at university.

Temple Newsham

Aside from Roundhay, Temple Newsham is another of the most popular parks that people love to visit whilst they’re in Leeds. The grounds and gardens are absolutely awesome, but the house is worth a visit too and it’s an awesome place to visit with the parents. So, walking around Temple Newsham is a good thing to do when you need some peace of mind.

Various Nature Reserves

There’s a ton of different nature reserves to visit in Leeds, and you should consider visiting them for a day out. Breary Marsh is one of my favorites to visit as it’s an awesome place to visit with your dog too. Whilst it’s not an extensive walk, it’s a really good place to go if you want to get away for a bit. Bear in mind there’s not a ton to do here, so don’t go expecting there’s a ton of different activities to partake in.


Overall, these are just a few of the parks that you can visit whilst you’re at University in Leeds. To make the most out of your time at university, it’s important to enjoy what the city itself has to offer. Walking through the park can be a great way to clear the brain between studying and working, so make sure that you get enough exercise whilst you’re at university.

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